In partnership with The Women's Bakery we have been able to start a bakery business in Kagina, Rwanda that employs 6 women and 1 man. 

The Women’s Bakery offers women access to business education, life skills, and applied baking and nutrition skills. From this, social and economic empowerment are born.  We've failed and got back up again. Alongside this group of women we have seen the essence of empowerment grow out of their aspiration to become "business-women." This a project that has intentional goals of economic sufficiency through selling approximately 450 pieces of bread per day. 


The P31 Soap Enterprise is a project designed to empower women with creative business skills and equip them to own the project. The goal of the project is to develop a medium sized enterprise, capable of employing five or more persons, selling hand-made, high quality soap products, with a reputable brand.  The women who own this project have set a goal to give back, in valuable ways, to other less-fortunate persons in the community.


Pottery by Rafiki was inspired by the cultural talents and gifts that Hamis and his family have cultivated over many years. We have joined forces with this group and are in process of taking a talent and making it a local and international enterprise.

This is a family of artists who dream to see their craft loved by all who touch it. Our hope is to see handmade products from Kagina, Rwanda, enjoyed in a variety of locations and cultures. 


As we provide people access to much-needed capital, they can launch or expand businesses by purchasing productive assets, buying supplies in bulk, improving inventory, or investing in improvements. Through our economic development projects we have seen dreams realized and lives transformed.